Thursday, April 26, 2007

Toy Dinosaur, 20 billion years in the making?

APE was interesting and without coffee or sleep I'm sure I was too.

I had no control over the words spilling out of my mouth or the money from my pockets, so among other fine things I purchased that day was Shawn Barber's book Tattooed Portraits. Cool book.

So, as you can see, Toy Dinosaur set up quite a table....or at least looked cool behind the table. Sales weren't quite as fantastic as we would have wished for, but I'll blame that on the fecal odor wafting from the table immediately south of us.
Note for Day 2: bring air freshener to combat poop smell

Now, I'm back at work, doing my guns and watching The Twilight Zone. In this episode the H-Bomb goes off and killed all people except one man. This man wears coke bottle thick glasses and all he likes to do is read. I have a feeling at the end his glasses will break. Damn obvious irony.

This Saturday the long awaited details of COD4 will be revealed. Somebody out there should check it out because the game looks freekin sweet. No joke, photographic in fact. Good job art boys.

I had some comment on here about having a friend named 'Lefty' and a man that always knows exactly what i 'need' (no, not in that way), but my computer decided to commit suicide and i lost it. Oh well, it's probably at the bottom of the bottle with Lefty's baseball career. Tonight I go home and then i go party. Damn sore throat.

Oh and I was right about The Twilight Zone.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

APE This Weekend!

I am a procrastinator extraordinaire!